About Us

Sell My Jewellery is a specialist arm of Jollys Jewellers, setup to buy your unwanted jewellery at a fair and accurate price. Having been in the industry for many years, our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to create a fantastic experience for anybody wishing to sell their jewellery with us.

Our knowledge of the industry and experience with various different types of jewellery means that we are able to offer very suitable prices for the jewellery that is presented to us.

Our members of staff are very experienced and possess a wealth of knowledge that will only benefit anybody looking to potentially sell their jewellery to us. The members of our team are ready to evaluate any items that are sent to us, in order to create a quote that is truly reflective of that individual item.

If you would like to find out more about Jollys Jewellers, please visit our website www.jollysjewellers.com for more information and to view our extensive range of jewellery.


What you can expect from Sell My Jewellery:

Our simple 5-step selling process allows our customers to raise some quick money or to sell any unwanted jewellery that they may have. You will have complete peace of mind when working with Sell My Jewellery as we are a very reputable company that is based in the UK and has been in the jewellery industry since 1830.