How It Works

At Sell My Jewellery, we make it nice and easy to turn your unwanted items into cash. Our guide below shows the simple process.

Complete our online quote form, please provide as much detail as possible.

Receive a same day quote from our experts, based on the details you provide.

Send the item to us so that we can give it a full assessment and produce a final valuation.

Once received we will contact you with a finalised price for your items.

If you accept we can arrange a same day transfer, if declined we will safety return your items free of charge.

Complete the Sell My Jewellery online quote form.

When you sell your jewellery with us, the first step would be to complete the online form; highlighting specific details about the jewellery, providing us with basic contact information should we need to contact you and finally uploading any images that you have to support the initial valuation of your item. Our experts will be able to give a much more accurate valuation for your jewellery when you provide more detail in the description and when you upload clear images of your items.

Receive an initial quote for your jewellery

We will then contact you with an initial guidance price, based on the description and the images that were inputted to the contact form. We will have produced a price based on the information that we are given, combined with the expert knowledge that our valuers hold. This gives you the chance to determine whether the price is right for you before you go to the effort of sending the item to us.

Send your item to us for a final assessment

The next step would be for you to send your jewellery to us for a final assessment of the item you want to sell. This allows our expert valuers to evaluate the piece even further, taking into account various different things, creating a price that is more reflective of the item.

Receive the final valuation of your jewellery

After the Sell My Jewellery industry experts have inspected your jewellery, a final price will be created and communicated to you. This final price will be a true reflection of the item, including what the item is and what condition it is in. As our team of valuers are experts within the industry, you are guaranteed to always receive the most accurate price for your items.

Accept the final price for your jewellery

After your jewellery has been inspected by our expert valuers and a price has been offered to you, it will be time for you to decide whether or not to accept the price. If you accept the proposed price, a cheque will be sent to you for the full amount on the same day. If you decide that you don’t want to sell your item at the price that we have offered, we will return the jewellery back to you.