How Do I Sell My Diamond Earrings?

You can sell your diamond earrings online using our simple five-step service.

  1. Fill in the form – give us as much detail about your diamond earrings as you can on the Get A Quote Page including the type of metal, the number of stones, the shape and the condition.
  2. Get a quote – once we receive your information we can put together a quote and send it to you.
  3. Send in your earrings – once you decide to go ahead simply post your earrings to the address provided.
  4. Assessing the earrings – once we have received your diamond earrings we can give them a proper assessment and update your valuation accordingly.
  5. Payment – if you are happy with your valuation just let us know that you are happy to sell your diamond earrings and we will send your money instantly via bank transfer. Should you change your mind, we will post the earrings back to you at no cost.


Sell Diamond Earrings online

In this day and age online security is paramount, and here at Sell My Jewellery we offer you a safe way to sell your diamond earrings online. We understand that your jewellery is precious to you and so we take the utmost care during our valuations to ensure your jewellery is looked after and an accurate valuation is put together. We are professionals in the jewellery industry and we have years of experience behind us, so we can offer you a valuation service that you can trust. When you sell your diamond earrings, you are not just selling a piece of jewellery, you are selling a timeless classic.

We buy any style of diamond earring and our valuation is based on the item itself and not just the size of the stone or the weight of the metal. Your earrings could be studs, clusters, hoops or drops and set in any metal from yellow gold to white gold or platinum.

The decision to sell diamond earrings is an easy one when you are selling with a site like Sell My Jewellery. We accept any diamond earrings including prong or bezel setting studs. We cover V-shaped martini style earrings, the flat bottomed basket style or even the solid crown style, so whatever earrings you have, we can provide a competitive quote.

Our experts will help you to sell your diamond earrings with ease and we can offer a fair price based on the current market value.


If you would like to sell your branded jewellery or any other jewellery with Sell My Jewellery, visit our Get A Quote Form to input the details of your items.