How Do I Sell My Diamond Eternity Ring?

Selling your diamond eternity ring can be a painless procedure thanks to the new Sell My Jewellery service. Just follow our five easy steps to unlock the value of something unwanted.

  1. Complete – just fill in the form on the Get A Quote Page giving us as much detail as possible about your ring.
  2. Valuation – when we receive your form we will study your information and provide you with an estimated quote for your ring.
  3. Consign – pop your ring in the post to us at the address provided.
  4. Check – we will take a thorough look at your ring to gather more information about it and will update your quote accordingly.
  5. Payout – when you are happy we can either send payment direct to your account via bank transfer or we can send a cheque for the full amount straight out to you.

Sometimes eternity isn’t forever, and if that is the case we are here to help you. At Sell My Jewellery we will take good care of your item from start to finish so you can sell your diamond eternity ring with confidence. We are experts that have extensive knowledge of jewellery from all different period and so we can give your item a professional and informed evaluation. Our service is safe, secure and reliable with the option to change your mind at any point.


Diamond Eternity Rings

The current trend for diamond eternity rings began in the 1960s and they are recognisable by their full circle of small diamonds set into the band of the ring. This has now been modified to include a more wearable half-eternity style with the gemstones being set into just the face of the ring. They are usually given on the occasion of a significant event such as a first wedding anniversary or the birth of a child.

This continuous line of identically cut diamonds can also include other gemstones which add a splash of colour as well as their own significance.

The idea of a diamond eternity ring having a row of smaller stones was designed to make it different from the larger stones of an engagement ring. The eternity ring can be worn instead of a wedding or engagement ring or alongside them.


Sell your Diamond Eternity Ring with Sell My Jewellery

When you sell your diamond eternity ring to Sell My Jewellery we will give you a price for the item as a whole, not the individual value of the diamonds. We accept all styles of ring including single or multiple tiered rings. Whether your ring is made up of princess cut stones, a delicate pave setting, a line of round stones or an exquisite collection of baguette stones we will offer you a fair and considered price.


If you would like to sell your branded jewellery or any other jewellery with Sell My Jewellery, visit our Get A Quote Form to input the details of your items.