How Do I Sell My Diamond Ring?

Are you selling your diamond ring? Not sure how to get the best price? Then you have come to the right place!

The Sell My Jewellery team are made up of diamond experts and gemologists who can offer you a specialist quote for your jewellery. Simply visit our Get A Quote Page and complete the form with as many details as you can about your diamond ring. Our experienced jewellers will use this information to put together an initial valuation for you. We then ask that you send in your diamond ring so that we can give it a more detailed evaluation and provide you with an updated and accurate quote. Once you are happy, we will post a cheque straight out to you.


Sell your Diamond Rings with Sell My Jewellery

At Sell My Jewellery we take great care of your items, so you can sell diamond rings through our site with confidence. We will grade the diamonds on your ring and value it as an entire piece, allowing us to offer you the best possible market price. We know that a diamond ring is as unique as you are, and so we accept all styles, cuts and settings.

Whatever your style, selling your diamond ring online is easy, competitive and fair when you come to Sell My Jewellery.


Which types of Diamond Rings do we buy?

A diamond ring doesn’t always have to be an engagement or eternity ring, which means the range of styles can be quite varied. Whether it is a treasured heirloom or an expensive fashion statement, we have the knowledge and experience to assess your diamond ring properly.

When you sell your diamond ring online through Sell My Jewellery you will need to tell us whether it includes a single stone, multiple diamonds or any other gemstones. We look for all types of metal with a diamond ring, including everything from yellow gold to palladium and even platinum. A diamond ring can include diamonds of all different cuts, clarity and even colours so it is important that you sell your diamond ring to someone who understands them all.

Your ring could be a simplistic classic with channel or bar set diamonds or even elegant baguettes. A vintage ring might sport a halo design, milgrain accents or pave diamonds whilst a modern diamond ring might have a distinctive and angular style with the use of floating tension-set diamonds, solitaires with wide bands or even open shanks. A sidestone ring is also a very popular style and can also include a number of different types of gemstone.


If you would like to sell your branded jewellery or any other jewellery with Sell My Jewellery, visit our Get A Quote Form to input the details of your items.